Blues Jam Featuring Kevin Nichols and Blue Tuesday

Kev Nichols and Blue Tuesday return for another night of jams! Come to watch or get up to jam! Either way, it’s FREE!


How Do I sign Up to Play?
Simply write your name on the sign up sheet located at the concession stand and include the instrument (voice included) you will use to perform.

How Long Are The Shows?
Most shows last about three hours with a short break between sets.

Backline is provided including 1956 Hammond B3 with Leslie 122, Vintage Ampeg SVT Blueline (1972) with Ampeg 8×10 Cabinet, 1970 Fender Twin, Fender Hot Deluxe (2), Kurzweil PC88 (electric piano), Mapex Drum Kit (5 piece) and cymbals, Additional mics may be provided for acoustic instruments. To eliminate time between acts, we will only use Michigan Theatre of Jackson’s equipment. Supplemental pedals are OK.

Is The Music Quiet Enough That I Can Talk To My Friends?
The Michigan Theatre of Jackson is a listening room for these events, which means the music is central to the experience. We hope that screaming is kept to a minimum out of respect for the performers and audience members. Remember, there is no charge and the musicians are not being paid. It just makes it so much cooler.

Come to watch or get up to jam! Either way, its FREE!

Doors open at 6:30 pm. Music starts at 7:00 pm. Bar and concessions available for purchase.

Free Admission

February 28
7:00 pm — 10:00 pm (3h)

Michigan Theatre